2017 Tri-Chapter Field Day

2018 Field Day is set for Oct 27

same place, same fun



SEPTEMBER 23, 2017

2016 tri chap group photo


2017 Tri-Chapter Field Day

Shaw Nature Reserve Freund Center

Saturday, Sept. 23th, 2017

7:30am – 9pm.

Cost is $10 for the field day including lunch or $10 for the evening's entertainment including dinner. $20 if you stay all day.


Directions: http://www.miramiguoa.org/downloads/category/10-maps?download=72:shaw-nature-reserve-freund-center


Payment will be collected at your chapter meeting. Payment ensures your spot in each class. Registration and payment must be received by Sept 15. All checks should be made out to University of Missouri Extension.


  • Interns (training class) - Give your payment to your new chapter or pay at graduation.

  • Great Rivers - Give your payment to Sherri Turner at the next chapter meeting.

  • Confluence -  Give your payment to Alison Robbins (Treasurer) at the next chapter meeting.

  • Miramiguoa -  Give your payment to Darla Preiss (Treasurer) at the next chapter meeting.

  • Meramec Hills -  Give your payment to Alice Sampe at the next chapter meeting.


Registration link

Registration is now over. You can view the registration document but not make changes.



Morning sessions:

7:30-9am AT - Bioblitz Bird walk (Sarah Pitzer, MDC)

8:30-10am V - Bioblitz Reptiles and Amphibians  (Peggy, Miramiguoa)

8:30-10am V - Forest Keepers Mast Survey (Beth Koebel)

9-12pm V - Glade restoration capstone project (Steve Thomas)

9-12pm V - Seed collecting (Leslie Limberg)

10-12pm AT indoors- Hummingbirds (Lanny Chambers)

10-12pm AT - Karst hike (Danny, Miramiguoa)

10-11:30am V - Bioblitz Reptiles and Amphibians  (Peggy, Miramiguoa)

10-11:30am V - Forest Keepers Mast Survey (Beth Koebel)

7:30-12pm V - Additional Bioblitz options


12-1pm lunch at the Freund Center provided by QT (Confluence) sandwiches and chips


Afternoon sessions A:

1-2:30pm V - Glade restoration capstone project (Steve Thomas)

1-2:30pm  AT - Prairie pharmacy (Peggy, Miramiguoa)

1-2:30pm  AT - Bluebirds are OUR Birds (Leslie Limberg)

1-2:30pm AT indoors - Fall mushrooms talk and foray (Maxine, Great Rivers)

1-2:30pm  AT - Exploring Nature as a Child (Angela)

1-2:30pm AT - Nature journaling (Barb Cerutti, Great Rivers)


Afternoon sessions B:

3-5pm V - Glade restoration capstone project (Steve Thomas)

3-5pm V - Landscape mulching at the DBC (Besa, Miramiguoa)

3-5pm AT indoors - Hug A Tree

3-5pm AT - River ecology (Glenn and Cliff, Confluence)

3-5pm AT - Karst hike (Danny, Miramiguoa)


Additional registration fee for dinner and evening $10

5-6pm dinner at the Feund Center (Miramiguoa) Chilli, salad, dessert

6-7pm AT indoor - Owl show from World Bird Sanctuary (Brenda)

7-9pm AT indoor - Storytelling and old time music (Marideth Sisco)




Class Descriptions:


V = Volunteer Service Activity

AT = Advanced Training Activity


Glade restoration capstone project

Steve Thomas will lead a crew to clear shrubs from a glade area.  Over the next year this glade will be restored to its former glory and you can help get the project off to a great start. Glade restoration capstone project will continue throughout the day to give interns several time options to participate in this required project.


Landscape mulching at the DBC (Besa Miramiguoa)

If you need more volunteer hours join us for landscape mulching. We will be spreading mulch around the trees near the Freund center. Mulching helps protect trees trunks from vines and lawnmowers. Bring some gloves.


Bluebirds are OUR Birds

Bluebirds are Missouri's State Bird. Recent statistics show they thrive when given man-made shelters.

Across the state Bluebird Trails are taking hold in county parks, on hiking trails and home yards.

Learn the A to Z of Bluebird stewardship, building houses for cavity nesters, & the how-to's of a chapter-monitored Bluebird trail. Teacher, Leslie Limberg, a retired nutritionist and educator has been trained by two of Shaw Nature Reserve's most professional "Bluebirders," Claire Meyners & Lynn Buchanan. Leslie is a Missouri Master Naturalist, Master Gardener, and is a platinum-certified member of Audubon and the Missouri Bluebird Society. She maintains two Bluebird trails in St. Charles County.


Exploring Nature as a Child

by Angela Wildermuth of Urban Wild Adventures and Green Spiral

How to get in touch with your inner child in order to help get kids in touch with nature!

The workshop, inspired by forest school principles, will touch on the delightful ways to get kids engaged and tips for how to present the riskier elements of being in nature with kids.


Karst Hike, lead by Danny McMurphy

Take a walk with a geology expert and Master Naturalist to focus on the terrestrial natural communities of the Reserve. Come ready for a moderate hike; bring water and hiking shoes.


Forest Keepers Mast Survey

Beth Kobel

The Missouri Forest Keepers is a group of citizen scientist that monitor forest health throughout Missouri. An annual activity of the Forest Keepers is a mast survey. Basically we are looking for tree nuts (mast) like acorns and walnuts. We look for trees with mast to determine the amount of food availble for deer and other animals over the winter.



Seed collecting (Mike SNR)

Join SNR staff restoration ecologist and volunteers to collect seeds for future restoration projects at Shaw. Bring your gloves, long pants, and bug spray. Participants must fill out the SNR volunteer waiver http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/about/additional-information/volunteer/volunteer-opportunities/volunteer-application.aspx



The Prairie Pharmacy

Take a walk through the prairies of Shaw Nature Reserve to learn about the medicinal qualities of this special flora.  We will hike through the prairie to identify medicinal and other plants and learn about a variety of tall-grass prairie features.

Hug a Tree and Survive
Hug a Tree and Survive is a national program developed by the National Association for Search and Rescue to educate children and adults in a select few basic and vital survival principles to stay safe in the wilderness.



Storytelling and old time music (Marideth Sisco)

Noted singer and storyteller Marideth Sisco, whose music was the backbone of the Oscar-nominated film Winter’s Bone, loves to share her songs and stories. Marideth’s down-home tales, from comic to poignant and insightful, of the Missouri Ozarks of yesterday will enchant you.