Tri-Chapter Field Day

Saturday October 26, 2019, 9am – 5pm

for Missouri Master Naturalists

at Shaw Nature Reserve

2016 tri chap group photo


Sign In at the Freund Center

9am-9:30am registration and set up
9:30am-11am first session
11am-12pm lunch BYO
12:30pm-2pm second session
2:30pm-4pm third session
4:30pm dinner BYO and campfire




Registration through Oct 14th


Pre event

full 8-9am AT - Early bird walk (Sarah Pitzer)

First session

9:30-11am V - Mini bioblitz on the prairie using i-naturalist

9:30-11am V - Trail Maintenance (Rick Schweitzer)

9:30-11am AT indoor- Insect Armageddon? Insect declines and how you can help, (Nicole Miller Struttmann) 

9:30-11am AT indoor- Mythology of Owls (Brenda Hente)

9:30-11am  AT - Prairie plant hike (Lil Collins)

full 9:30-11am AT - Prairie Pharmacy (Ross Braun)

9:30-11am AT - Tree ID hike (Mark Gruber)

full 9:30-11am AT - Backyard bird habitat (Sarah Pitzer)

11am-12pm lunch BYO

12pm announcements and group photo

Second session: 12:30-2pm

12:30-2pm V - Mini woodland bioblitz using i-naturalist

12:30-2pm V - Brainstorming session - Cultivating Leadership (Michael, Martha, and Leah)

12:30-2pm V - Landscape mulching (Besa Schweitzer)

12:30-2pm V - Seed Collecting (Alberta McGilligan)

12:30-2pm AT indoor - Green mosquito control (Jean Ponzi )

12:30-2pm AT indoor- Nature Photography (Sandy Brooks)

full 12:30-2pm AT - Woodland plant hike (Lil Collins)

12:30-2pm AT -  Terrestrial Natural Communities, (Danny McMurphy)

12:30-2pm AT - Nature journaling (Barb Cerutti) 

full 12:30-2pm AT - Mosses - (Nels Holmburg)

Third session:

2:30-4pm V - Mini wetland bioblitz using i-naturalist

2:30-4pm V - Story telling practice time, share your nature experience 

2:30-4pm V - Brainstorming session - 2020 Field Day Ideas (Alberta Mcgilligan) 

2:30-4pm AT indoors - Volunteer leader First aid, (Perry Whitaker)

2:30-4pm AT indoors - Wormaculture (Karin Foster)

full 2:30-4pm AT - Soils (Ross Braun) 

full 2:30-4pm AT - Rainscaping Your Yard (Leslie Limberg)

full 2:30-4pm AT - Snakes (Peggy Menke)

2:30-4:30pm AT offsite - Water Quality Monitoring (Glenn Bish and Bob Virag)

4:30pm dinner BYO, social time, evening hike, campfire, relax


Activity Descriptions: