Tri-Chapter Field Day

Saturday October 27, 2018

for Missouri Master Naturalists

at Shaw Nature Reserve

2016 tri chap group photo


2018 Tri-Chapter Field Day

Saturday Oct. 27th, 2018, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Sign In at the Freund Center

9am-9:30am registration and set up

9:30am-11am first session

11am-1pm volunteer fair and lunch

1:15pm-3:15pm second session

3:30pm-5pm third session




Registration Sept 5th through Oct 14th


First session

9:30-11am V - Glade restoration (Steve Thomas)

9:30-11am V - Trail Maintenance (Rick Schweitzer)

9:30-11am V - Brainstorming session - Ways to increase intern retention (Sam Faith, MDC)

9:30-11am AT indoor- Mosquitos (Kim Medley)

9:30-11am AT indoor- Raptors (Brenda Hente)

9:30-11am AT at Bascom House - Native Landscaping (Cori Westcott)

9:30-11am AT - Prairie Pharmacy (Peggy Menke)

9:30-11am AT - Recycle art for the backyard (Karin Foster)

9:30-11am AT - Woodworking (is) for the Birds (Carol Wray)


11am-1pm lunch and volunteer fair


Second session:

1:15-3:15pm V - Glade restoration (Steve Thomas)

1:15-3:15pm V - Landscape mulching (Besa Schweitzer)

1:15-3:15pm V - Brainstorming session - Methods for connecting with the community (Darla Preiss)

1:15-3:15pm AT indoor - Attracting hummingbirds to your yard (Leslie Limberg)

1:15-3:15pm AT indoor- Nature Photography (Sandy Brooks)

1:15-3:15pm AT - Stalking Wild Spiders (David Bruns)

1:15-3:15pm AT -  Recycle art for the backyard (Karin Foster)

1:15-3:15pm AT - Nature journaling (Barb Cerutti)

1:15-3:15pm AT - Bush Honeysuckle Ornaments (Martha Hessler)


Third session:

3:30-5pm V - Glade restoration (Steve Thomas)

3:30-5pm V - Seed Collecting (Alberta McGilligan)

3:30-5pm V - Brainstorming session - 2019 Field Day Ideas (Besa Schweitzer)

3:30-5pm AT indoors - Quilting and Nature (Alice Sampe)

3:30-5pm AT indoors - Teddy Roosevelt (Danny McMurphy)

3:30-5pm AT - Plant hike (Lil Collins)

3:30-5pm AT - Bluebirds (Leslie Limberg)

3:30-5pm AT - Snakes (Peggy Menke)



Activity Descriptions: